Auguries of iciness...

No-one can step into the same river twice – Heraclitus

Auguries of iciness*

To see the World all dewy-paned

And Heaven in an hour

By Cherwell’s bank with hoar frost stained

Glass bauble for a flower

Willow’s loom, a lattice made

Above the Water’s skin

Woven threads in brightened shade

A forming jewel within

Far below the chub and trout

in wonderment they gaze

With wordless voice: ‘Look’ they shout

Swim water-bound, amaz’d

The Tit, a Moorhen, and Old Jack

All flap in raptured dream

As all the brightest orbs astack

Above the Cherwell stream

Otter, stoat, and muntjac tell

The words of Winter’s song

Woodpecker plays transparent bell

As river flows along

It’s warmer now, the baubles hang

Reflecting light and sound

Each drip of ice a lasting pang

Of memory to ground

© 2022 Tony Davis

* Like many continually inspired by the multi-faceted creative and visionary explorations of William Blake – I live by this quote… I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

Auguries of Iciness

I was inspired to write the poem Auguries of iciness after seeing the ‘baubles’ created by willow ends dipping in the icy River Cherwell in the very cold spell in December. These beautiful photographs were taken by Kath Fotheringham, a wild swimmer (when she dares the water quality), artist and designer.

The video poem is read by Tony Davis and Kath. It also features drawings of wildlife and the riverscape by Kath.

About Tony Davis
The author Tony Davis lives and works locally creating art, designs and commissions across the UK all inspired by Nature. His work is exhibited at events including RHS Chelsea. Designs are stocked by Leckford Estate, the National Trust, and Highgrove in addition to select smaller retailers. Work is also available online at

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Status: Work in progress
Year: 2022+
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