The Hare...

No-one can step into the same river twice – Heraclitus

Harvesting done
long-shadowed crop thorn
autumn evening

© 2022 Tony Davis

The Hare

Partly inspired by The Names of the Hare in English – a mediaeval poem in the Bodleian Library, Oxford and translated by Seamus Heaney. A reasonable copy of the poem can be found published here. Also inspired by seeing the hares regularly in the landscape around our village in Oxfordshire.

This is part of wider research into the dialect names for familiar animals, insects, birds and plants. This is part of a series of works over the next couple of years. Work which includes: Curlew, Woodlouse, Dragonfly, and many of our tradfitionally named plants.

Just a few of the names for a Hare are ‘Turpin’, ‘Sally’, ‘Whuddin’, ‘Furrow-sitter’, ‘Animal that lives in the corn’, ‘Cabbage stag’, ‘Wind-swift’ and ‘Stag of the stubble’

The Hare is also available as a large sculpture from

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The author Tony Davis lives and works locally creating art, designs and commissions across the UK all inspired by Nature. His work is exhibited at events including RHS Chelsea. Designs are stocked by Leckford Estate, the National Trust, and Highgrove in addition to select smaller retailers. Work is also available online at

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Year: 2023+
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