Fired Art

London-based, artist-lead ceramic design company

Exploring mosaics with tiles as components of a larger picture.

Set of 6 interconnecting tiles based on the London Tube Map (Diagram). 15cm square. These were fired with 10 ceramic pigments. Also installed at Victoria Bus/Tube Station. 

Article showing re-use of the mosaic tiles for beautiful jewellery sets. 

Stone Paper Knife was a joint initiative with an East End ceramic artist. Initially I collaborated to make unique small editions of ceramic tiles. The tiles were shown at 100% Design in 2001. I wasn’t happy with the production process he used (which used chemicals instead of firing). He therefore couldn’t offer the permanence necessary. He also wanted to pursue his own directions.

I later worked solo creating a large series of unique fired tile editions based on a number of themes. Each of these themes explored graphic and sometimes prosaic starting subjects. These were transformed dramatically by symmetry. The tiles were exhibited at 100% Design 2002 on art&design company Art Meets Matter’s stand.

  • Infinite Thames – extracted from the Thames representation on the London Tube Map. A series of 6 tiles which could be assembled in any order to create unique versions of the River Thames.
  • Mosaic pictures – miniature component set pieces
  • Scrabble® – each tile was exactly the size of a Scrabble tile.
  • French Soaps
  • Toothpaste
  • Decals – water-based decals were created for a number of designs and demonstrated to Vogue Russia amongst others.

My tile Art received a great deal of press and the mosaic tiles were used by ceramic artists to make unique jewelry pieces. The tiles were sold in select Art retailers and London’s Transport Museum.

Art featured in one episode of BBC’s Homefront. I created the designs for a ceramic tile room installation based on dialogue with Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen and the participants.


Exploring mosaics with tiles as components of a larger picture.

All the letters of the game of Scrabble®. Each tile is the same size as an original Scrabble tile. Designed to explore the idea of infinite objects fixed only based on personal choice and selection. Prototypes only. 

A selection of the 15cm square subjects. 

All of the tiles made for this project.